Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 1-3

I'm a big fan of knitting and have recently gotten on the project 365 bandwagon. I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and start a blog of my knitting adventures with a photo a day. So my self imposed rules are that I take a photo a day with my iPhone of something I've worked on that day relating to knitting or some other craft. I'll then post it here and on the Flickr Ravelry 365 group.

I started January 20 and am catching up since then.

Day 1

First time wearing my lacy 22.5 degree shaw/wrap.

Day 2

These are my second pair of french press felted slippers. Fortunately, I get to keep these! I'm impatiently waiting for them to dry.

Day 3

This is a blanket in progress I'm working on for my mom. I bought this yarn with intentions of making it for my grandmother, and when my mom saw the yarn she said she wanted it. So I came up with something else for Mimi and have been meaning to get to this for the last two year. I finally started it and now am very worried about running out of yarn before I get it the size I want it.

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